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According to the Department of Justice (or DOJ), the American Airlines and U. Airways merger has resulted in HHI exceeding 2,500 points in many cities where they currently operate.By IKU KAWACHI School of Communication University of Miami Since the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, a landmark piece of legislation that lifted numerous operating restrictions and allowed the nation’s airlines to compete more freely with each other, some 200 carriers have merged, been taken over, or gone out of business. Within the last five years alone, mergers have taken place between US Airways and America West, Delta and Northwest, United and Continental and, most recently, Southwest and Air Tran. “It tends to happen in bunches, until Washington becomes concerned and tries to block it.” That doesn’t even include the collapses of Aloha Airlines and ATA Airlines or the failures of “airlines within airlines,” short-lived divisional brands like Ted (United) and Song (Delta).AAdvantage only has three elite levels versus US Airways’ four, so the 75,000-mile US Airways Platinum members will get lumped into the 50,000-mile AAdvantage Platinum level, something many US Airways elites are not happy about.

It’s calculated as the sum of squares of each firm’s market share.

The case asks students to serve as consultants applying the SVA methodology to the past U. Airways–America West merger and provide conclusions.

If you think the merger between American Airlines and US Airways is all over but the shouting, think again.

Their case illustrates how far the merger has come — and how far it has yet to go.

The two airlines continue to operate separately, with their own crews, their own rules and their own Web sites.

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Some of the now long-defunct names may sound familiar, especially to those who remember the heyday of the Jet Age: Pan Am. Meanwhile, major carriers have digressed into playing a game of musical chairs with each other, each airline overtaking the last in scale following a merger or corporate partnership.