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I did my first public seminar in Norfolk, Virginia this week and had 51 paid attendees.To keep my costs down, I did a trade-out with a local non-profit.Probably, the farther away you get from downtown, the lower the cost will be.I often hold my seminars, as well as the occasional "banquet," in churches.

The TKI is an online assessment that takes about fifteen minutes to complete.Don't fence yourself in by conflict; taking two or three witnesses requires that you are also open to reproof and correction "5.Don't recycle conflict; once resolved, let it go and get back to your life" -- Bruce Barton in "Matthew" section of "I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to agree with each other in the Lord." -- Philippians 4:2 Team unity: 5 conflict management techniques Missionaries get into conflict with each other. Volunteers in ministry organizations find themselves in conflict.Do any of you have tips on how to find free or inexpensive meeting rooms? They are usually a good source for inexpensive rooms.Since these seminars are only a half-day, I don't have to worry about providing lunch. My club meets in a very nice hotel meeting room and I can get it for less than 0 for half a day.

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My business is ministry-related so it lends itself to a church setting, but I've known other organizations to use church facilities for their meetings as well.

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