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Starbucks policy on dating coworkers

Trader Joe's is an amazing company -- a company that even sent me a gift card just for writing it a letter.

I get good vibes from its employees, and I love its food.

Why it matters With the potential for a significant impact on employers, the California Supreme Court will decide whether employees can bring state law wage and hour claims based on de minimis amounts of time after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals certified the question to the state's highest court.

The dispute involves former Starbucks employee Douglas Troester, who sued the coffee chain for failing to pay workers for tasks that lasted only a few minutes but were performed after they clocked out.

However, a partner could be separated for an infraction like this if it was the culmination of broader, ongoing performance issues.” In other words: Yes, it is entirely possible for a Starbucks worker on food stamps to be fired (err, “separated”) for eating a sandwich out of the trash.

Loptmann insists he didn't have any "ongoing performance issues" before the incident or problems with his manager.

But TJ's corporate has a reputation for being secretive.

And where there are secrets, there's usually a story.

TJ's bizarrely cool, comic bookish Fearless Flyer comes out only eight times a year to highlight "mostly new stuff" hitting shelves.

The incident comes up just as fast-food workers prepare for another strike this Thursday—and this time, they're asking baristas to join them.

Seattle's fast-food walkouts this spring were extraordinarily successful, shutting down multiple restaurants, and this week, organizers for Good Jobs Seattle are encouraging low-wage workers in coffee shops to join the national push for a an hour minimum wage.

Otherwise, Feeld promises, your secret dies in Slack.

It doesn’t mention how long the bot will wait for your crush to reciprocate.

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After that first strikeout outside my local store, I found two employees who were willing to dish anonymously about working in one of America's best (and most tight-lipped) grocery stores.

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