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Triple h and stephanie dating

She made her official WWE debut as a villainess, resuming her role as the manager of MNM.MNM consisted of Mercury, Nitro and Melina and they would come to the ring as a trio of Hollywood celebrities, complete with a red-carpet entrance that had them accompanied by paparazzi. In all serious, I feel kind of bad for John Morrison.Stephanie is Vince Mc Mahon’s daughter, of course, and she has been a major part of WWE’s office staff for some time.When she was working with WWE as a talent, she still held positions in the office.That way he could start dating Stephanie and everything would be cool. Chyna’s other high-profile relationship was with wrestler Sean Waltman, who she dated on and off for a couple years, starting in 2003.The two even became engaged and shot a sex tap, which was sold.

She was reported to have been self-righteous and several women backstage took issue with her attitude as she often thought she deserved a lot more than she was given.

However, some issues arise that WWE has to nip in the bud as soon as they can.

However, they are now implementing what many find to be a hypocritical rule.

When she began dating Triple H, she certainly had influence within the company and only gained power over the years.

Many knew that she and/or her brother, Shane Mc Mahon, would get the company once Vince retired.

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