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Coh validating media problem

The following is a letter from Greg Wilson: --- Dear Co H Community, Welcome to the latest Company of Heroes 2 “Letter from the Producer.” This time round we are going to focus on the original Company of Heroes and some changes coming to that game’s online component.The original game launched six years ago and we have been humbled by just how popular the series has become and how dedicated you, our community, have been.If you just want to start the game and have a LAN or single player game, it will force you to download the latest patches before you can play – regardless whether or not the patch is 100MB or 1.8GB (yes, 1.8GB patches do exist).

USING THE GAME In order to play online, or to EVEN START THE GAME you must have the game updated to the latest release at all time.

When I tried to load the game, I usually got a black screen, and had to reboot my system.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times.

as an actual address like C:\Program Files\Common\Coh\FAKEMSI Open Windows Explorer/My Computer - Tools - Folder Options - View(tab) in the list of settings, be sure that: "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is checkmark/ticked "Hide protected operating system files" is "un"-checkmark/ticked Search again if those settings were not as indicated.

It could be that the power was interrupted after the old version was uninstalled but before the new version files were registered.

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*not the Company of Heroes item ** must also include the FAKEMSI Please post back with results of your investigation. This may be the reason that the files are gone, with only FAKEMSI (an installer application like MS MSI) as the only thing left.

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