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We are especially grateful to those who trusted us with very painful and personal stories.

Corinne Carey, former researcher for the US Program, undertook the original research for this report.

Federal law and the laws of all 50 states now require adults and some juveniles convicted of specified crimes that involve sexual conduct to register with law enforcement-regardless of whether the crimes involved children.

A sex offender registry is a system in various countries designed to allow government authorities to keep track of the residence and activities of sex offenders (Gonzalo Archie Uriona) including those who have completed their criminal sentences.

Exhibits are valuable in making patrons aware of the vast resources of the Library and the community.

The following guidelines will assure the quality, variety, objectivity, and safety of displays and exhibits: The Library welcomes non-commercial displays of collections of art and other materials of general interest to the community.

Sex offender registries exist in many English-speaking countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland.

Between 1988 and June 2014, there were 357 convictions in California for an HIV-specific felony that would have been downgraded by SB 239, according to a study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, which conducts research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy.Those on parole or probation may be subject to restrictions that do not apply to other parolees or probationers.Sometimes, these include (or have been proposed to include) restrictions on being in the presence of underage persons (under the age of majority), living in proximity to a school or day care center, owning toys or items targeted towards children, or using the Internet.However, the Library does not advertise commercial endeavors unless specifically related to the goals of the Library.Displays or exhibits should incorporate books or materials from the Library collection which relate to the objects in the display whenever possible.

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In a test of shifting attitudes about HIV, a group of state lawmakers has proposed that it no longer be a felony for someone to knowingly expose others to the disease by engaging in unprotected sex and not telling the partner about the infection. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and others would make such acts a misdemeanor, a proposal that has sparked opposition from Republican lawmakers.

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