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Become a live chat host males

Jonathan Stephen Ross, OBE (born 17 November 1960) is an English television and radio presenter, film critic, actor and comedian best known for presenting the BBC One chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross during the 2000s.

Ross also hosted his own radio show on BBC Radio 2, and acted as a film critic and presenter of the Film programme.

If there’s one theme running through the thousands upon thousands of interviews Stern has conducted, it’s that he hates a phony.

Sometimes that can be a limited, teenaged lens through which to view the world, but Stern’s bullshit detector is what his fans love most about him, and his own neuroses and discomfort more than balance out the self-righteousness.

A teen boy was I his room trying to be all cool with this gun that he had, and he was pretending to kill himself.

Than all of a sudden his fingers started to slip from the gun and he tried holding onto it tighter and he pulled the trigger and shot his head! Well lively was great and then when they took guesting away and then put it back whenever I clicked on it it was blank and I have a lot of fans and when they try to comment only a couple come through and then they said they couldnt hear me and then I commented and they said they could see that.

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We have many tutorials online and they're updated often.There are numerous ways you can contact our Support Department for help with your account.We will now go over the available methods for getting support.For the chat show, Ross won three BAFTA awards for Best Entertainment Performance, in 2004, 20.By 2006 Ross was believed to be the BBC's highest paid star.

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The worst thing was, was that his family members were outside playing and talking while he was upstairs in his room with the door locked, so no one could get to him right away. I tried to join someones live and it said I was blocked my her. They need to fix the bugs soon or else no ones gonna use it.