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I don’t represent anyone but myself here, on facebook, on twitter, anywhere.” ESPN disagreed.

The firing comes as media companies have led calls to block or rescind state laws in Georgia and in North Carolina that discriminate against the LGBT community.

ESPN has fired its baseball analyst after he posted, and later defended, an anti-transgender meme and opined about laws covering gender-specific restrooms.

“ESPN is an inclusive company,” the Disney-owned sports giant said in a statement today.

He’s called multiple Super Bowls (he’ll do his ninth this year), World Series and NBA Finals, hosted eight Olympic Games (six winter and two summer), three Stanley Cups Finals (2000-02) and some Indy 500s. Those of a certain age will remember that Michaels also had a starring role in 1994 on the ABC News coverage of O. Simpson’s famous Bronco ride, where Michaels debunked the greatest prank call of all-time to a live news event.

What you might not know is one of Michaels’ earliest jobs was for Chuck Barris Productions, where he worked as a booker for The Dating Game. Or that he was paid ,000 for his work in Jerry Maguire.

Radio From Hell aired its 5000th episode in August 2008. Allred reads the announcement, with music in the background.

Those companies include Disney, one of the first to come out publicly against Georgia’s “religious freedom” legislation last month.

No working sports broadcaster can match the resume of Al Michaels.

The NBC Sports broadcaster, along with SI’s Jon Wertheim, has written a memoir (You Can't Make This Up: Miracles, Memories, and the Perfect Marriage of Sports and Television) about his life in broadcasting that debuts Nov. An excerpt from that book on Michaels’ relationship with Howard Cosell ran last week on

How would your career be different if the Soviets ended up beating the Americans at the 1980 Winter Games and there was no Miracle on Ice? I have friends in studio positions and I know how the town works.

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