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So what is it you’re receiving when you fall in love?

You get a clear, bright, and shiny message of validation of yourself as a person.

is an online service that helps you to chat with your Skype buddies online.

This service allows users to IM, talk and voice chat without actually installing Skype on the computer. It does not have any messy ads unlike many other online services.

To make it easier for girls, we have decided to charge for replies in the category “F seeking M” sent within 3 hours of the personal being posted.

Now guys have a chance to be the first to reply and to stand out among dozens of other respondents.

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Skype is one of the most popular VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services.

A drawback in Skype is that it does not have an online client.

Personal ads for gays, lesbies, straights and pairs. – It's a fast way to find new friends with various desires — totally free of charge.– You don't have to register: simply post your personal ad and wait for responses.– Total freedom, whether you are looking for messaging, love, a serious relationship, or sex.

It will be highlighted in colour and go to the top of the list.

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