Baby consolidating naps to one nap

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Baby consolidating naps to one nap

And don't forget, if you pass this newborn window and sleep isn't going so great for you, there is still plenty of hope.

It is never to late to get a full nights rest, for you or your child :)Most of the info I'm going over has already been covered in various posts (like this one) but I know many of you would appreciate a newborn specific approach to these gentle sleep training methods (see what I consider sleep training here).

Something I've learned from working with thousands of parents over the years is that we are all different and our children are all different.

You do what you feel comfortable with, and you make changes along the way if you need to.

Sleep is divided into “REM sleep” and “non-REM sleep.” REM sleep (or rapid eye movement sleep) makes up a relatively small portion of the adult sleep cycle-about 25 percent-and most of it occurs toward the end of the night.

Although REM sleep is considered “active” sleep, with eye movements under closed eyelids, dreaming, facial expressions, and lots of body movement, this is actually very restful sleep, and it is the kind of sleep that allows one to feel fully rested the next morning.

While it is normal for newborns to catnap (as sleep at this age is erratic and unpredictable) over time we should start to see daysleep consolidate and nap patterns mature. When babies are nearing a nap transition (whether it be 4-3, 3-2, or 2-1) it is normal for their last nap of the day to be shorter.

Bottle-fed infants will, on average, “sleep through the night” (six or seven hours) by the time they are eight weeks old, while breast-fed infants tend to wake for night-time feeds through most of the first six months.

By nine months of age, your infant has likely divided her sleep into a morning nap, an afternoon nap, and a full night of sleep.

Read on to learn some of the major reasons that families struggle with short naps.

We consider any nap under 1 hour to be a short nap.

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