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Despite appearances, human nature is inherently self-realizing and self-perfecting, if in moral understanding and aspiration more than practice.

Morality grows in human beings spontaneously alongside physical limbs, basic mental and social capacities.

When technology is applied to any activity related to electoral administration and elections, it is important to consider carefully the electoral context in which the technology is used.Once the system is adopted, the transition phase needs to be carefully managed to ensure that problems do not occur and that all functions can continue to be effectively carried out.These are some strategies that can be used by electoral administrators to minimize the impact of new systems, new technology and changes on electoral processes: A system implementation schedule can be influenced by whether there is fixed term or variable term election systems.After three weeks, the same procedure was followed and Prompt 2 was administered.Statistical analyses of the reliability and validity of the instrument showed that it is consistent over time and can be scored reliably by different raters.

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There is no post-secondary composition curriculum in which to be placed.

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