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The robotic camera system can be expanded by the addition of various optional hardware and software components into high-performance integrated systems.

Unsere Produkte bieten neue Möglichkeiten bei der Tätigkeit in Fernseh- und Nachrichtenstudios sowie im Motion Control Bereich.The last three years have seen robots come out of the lab and metamorphose into viable products. Robots will get a big spotlight at this year's CES, and consumer bots will blow up in 2016.Here's a preview of the coming year's biggest consumer robotics trends. home In many ways, 2015 marked an epochal shift when it comes to companion robots.Aldebaran's Pepper, probably the most sophisticated "emotionally intelligent" robot on the market, did some nice retail work at Soft Bank stores in Asia before going on sale to consumers in limited quantities.Stretching the definition of robot slightly, Amazon's Echo launched to wide acclaim and has helped build a bridge between smart phone AI and the kinds of interactive robotic systems we'll see more of in days ahead.


Camerobot Systems Gmb H is an experienced supplier of robotic camera systems to facilitate work in TV studios and to enable precise camera moves for motion control.

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