How to succeed at the dating game

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My response to this was, "Let's see what you've got, kid! Here it is, with but a few edits, Colt's first post as a "Student of the Game." Below, please let us know if you've enjoyed hearing from a newer guy who's doing well yet still working out a few of the kinks in his approach toward women and if you'd like to see more from Colt in the future., that I shouldn’t succeed.

It may be an interaction of their genes and their environment.We find a mate to pass on our genes, but also a companion to help us experience pleasures, and to help us meet our personal goals.In modern Western culture, dating and romance is often key to winning that special other person, that special sense of well-being.Online dating is fun, but this fun can quickly disappear if there is no reward, positive feedback or any form of success.The unwritten ‘rules’ of online dating can be completed, let alone unwritten!

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