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Intersections may be signalised to address a road safety, efficiency or operational issue or to improve crossing opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists.Signalised intersections are generally installed at intersections of major roads and, due to the temporal component, usually involve several approach lanes on each leg.There are six different sections to be considered when designing for cycling.These are: Five of these six elements (numbers 2 to 6) relate to intersections, highlighting the importance of intersections (as opposed to midblock locations) in good facility design.He has designed numerous signalised intersections and is called upon as a safety auditor.Axel was on the national management committee of the IPENZ Transportation Group from 2003 to 2006.If space and time are not provided then intersections act as barriers to riding and many potential riders may avoid the intersection or avoid riding altogether if the alternative route is too long, stressful or non existent.Consider bike riding in all stages of intersection design.

Signalised intersections should provide the space and operational conditions to support cycling as a viable mode of transport option.Bike lanes often stop short of intersections leaving riders with no dedicated space just as things get tough.The likelihood of more lateral or turning movements on approach to the intersection by vehicles equates to higher likelihood of conflict.Axel holds an ME (Civil) from Canterbury University and has been active as a traffic engineer and transport planner in New Zealand since 1998, with some prior experience in Germany.Axel specialises in sustainable transport, urban traffic engineering, traffic signals, road safety and intersection modelling.

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Spatial and temporal separation relating to different target users should be considered.

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