Dating direct heeia hawaii

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Kealia Pond National Wildlife Reserve is located about one mile north of Kihei on Mokulele Hwy. Kanaha Pond now serves as an important breeding area for endangered Hawaiian waterbirds Kanaha Pond is thought to have been built in the 1700s by the island’s ruler Kapiiohookalani to raise and fatten fish.The pond produced large quantities of mullet until the early 1900s though in the following decades the whole area was severely degraded by surrounding industries and development including the dredging of Kahului Harbor. Near the main gate to Kanaha Pond is a small birdwatching platform.

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Located on Maui’s south-central coastline, this scenic wetland area encompasses about 700 acres and is home to a variety of Hawaiian waterbirds including the black-necked stilt and Hawaiian coot.

The Refuge is the site of habitat restoration projects as well as local environmental education, bird watching, photography, and other wildlife-oriented activities.

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Archival research has revealed the wide variety of surplus items and their sometimes-surprising destinations.

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The University of Hawaii is a repository for copies of many Whaling log books.