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I would still have been a sex addict without the Internet, but it’s hard for me to picture because those two tweaky compulsions are so tightly wrapped together for me.

People will callously break someone else's heart over the internet.

But from the moment I first heard those dulcet dial-up tones and the hopeful purr that followed, the online experience was tinged with sexual possibility.

I remember signing into a Prodigy chat room and communicating with another purported teenager whose screen name was “slyweasel13.” My mother stayed seated next to me at the computer desk, so the chatting never turned explicit, but it was loaded with flirty winking emoticons that left me panting.

About the book: In this book the focus is on this new form of deception: people who deliberately seek to communicate in secret with other people through texts, chats, e-mails and dating sites, even though they are in close relationships.

Utilising the database of, the book exposes this new seduction and the impact of accessible, anonymous and affordable connections on modern-day marriages and relationships.

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