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Melissa is asking for receipts for meals, hotels or travel, photos of Todd and Choi together; correspondence, texts, ­e-mails and phone bills showing their communications from 2008 to this year.The subpoena also insists that Choi, “Produce all documents and records including but not limited to credit card receipts and cancelled checks, in any way pertaining to any nights which you and Todd S Thomson spent together …from January 1 2008 to March 5 2013.” Melissa is also demanding the marital multi-million dollar Rowayton, CT, home in the divorce and joint custody of their minor children Ethan, 16, and Kaela, 13.

This beauty started her career in 1993 and later served as an editor at CNN.

First daily television journalist to broadcast from the New York stock exchange floor, Maria Bartiromo, who is also better known for her rise on the CNBC financial network.

This gorgeous also came to be the first journalist to be inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame in the year of 2011.

The top-ranked net worth provided wiki sites revealed that she has a net worth of million dollars as of 2016 and million USD yearly income, and also provided the source of her net worth and where and how this lady made the massive amounts of net worth and salary.

This woman is not only a host and television personality, but she is also a well-known author, which also helped to her to make grand net worth.

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Incident: In 2007 Todd Thomson flew Maria Bartiromo on his corporate private jet owned by Citigroup back from a conference in Asia - a decision which was roundly criticized and was a contributing factor in his firing from Citigroup the same year As part of the divorce proceedings, Melissa wants the multi-million dollar former family home in Rowayton in Connecticut and the couple have agreed to joint custody of their two youngest, Ethan, 16, and Kaela, 13.